OPERAS on Vimeo

Click Here for the video recording of Improvement (Don Leaves Linda).

Click Here for the video recording of Quicksand.

If you missed Varispeed's Perfect Lives Manhattan on November 6, 2011, or didn't get to hear all of the episodes, you can catch-up on Vimeo!

Or go to Varispeed's Perfect Lives Catskills (Mt. Tremper Arts) on August 17, 2013.

You can also see That Morning Thing, as presented by Performa 11 and the Kitchen last November 2011.

And we've finally edited and uploaded Vimeos of the three operas that were presented in January 2009 at La Mama.


RADIO Interview - WFMU

Kurt Gottschalk talks with Robert Ashley about "The Old Man Lives In Concrete", "That Morning Thing," young composers / musicians and Brad Paisley.


MORE On Vimeo

Robert Ashley in performance at Brown University, "Lectures to be Sung". On Vimeo. Click here.

Richard Carrick and Robert Ashley discuss "The Old Man Lives in Concrete" and opera in general. On Vimeo. Click here.

Transcript also available as pdf. Click here



Reiner Van Houdt plays Maneuvers for Small Hands