“With his relatively minimal means, Mr. Ashley sets out to explore huge ideas....love and loss, memory and dream and conjecture, public authority and private experience, materialism and spirituality. [Mr. Ashley’s operas] remind listeners that the mind offers a far more expansive stage than any theater.”
The New York Times (Jon Pareles)

Quicksand, 2016. At the Kitchen. Lighting by David Moodey.


CRASH, Ashley's last opera, was released by Lovely Music on January 22, 2016. Also available from Forced Exposure.

September 21-24, 2016. QUICKSAND at Festival d'Automne a Paris, France. Theatre des Abbesses.

October 3, 2016. "Nomadic Nights: Robert Ashley" at Fondation Cartier, Paris. Featuring Reinier van Houdt.

December 8, 2016. Dutch pianist Reinier van Houdt returns to Roulette (following his spectactular performance of Walter Marchetti's Concerto per pianoforte per la mano sinistra in December 2013) with Ashley's Maneuvers for Small Hands.

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