LOVELY MUSIC released a lovingly restored and upgraded (1080 HD) BluRay package of PERFECT LIVES.
Get it from Forced Exposure.

A RECITAL RECORDS release on LP and CD of Thomas Buckner singing works from the opera ATALANTA (ACT OF GOD): Odalisque, The Mystery of the Rivery, and The Producer Speaks. Plus stand-alone works: When Famous Last Words Fail You and World War III Just the Highlights. Available from Forced Exposure.

A video recording of the recent revival production of EL/AFICIONADO at Roulette (2021) is viewable on our Vimeo site, HERE.

In May 2024, the new Ashley ensemble will return to Roulette with our new production of the 1994 opera, FOREIGN EXPERIENCES.

Contact/Information:Mimi Johnson
Performing Artservices, Inc.